Backgammon Classic Pro

Backgammon Classic Pro 8.4

Play backgammon with a capable AI that learns from your moves
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Backgammon Classic Pro is an entertaining board game that comes in handy while you're on a break from work. It also comes in handy to professional Backgammon players who wish to test new gameplay strategies or put their skills to the test.

The application comes with a simple yet nicely-designed interface. In the Options panel you will find plenty of sound, display, and gameplay settings which can easily be configured even by a beginner computer user. You can play in fullscreen or windowed mode, pause and resume gameplay whenever you like, increase match speed, etc.

Another great aspect is that you can export your match details (Backgammon piece movement) to a TXT file. This option comes in handy if you tested a strategy that turned out to be effective and wish to save it for later.

The only feature I'd add to this program would be an option to customize the appearance of the board. Other than that, there's nothing bad I can say about this application.

Overall, this game is perfect for people who enjoy playing Backgammon on their spare time, whether they do it at a professional or amateur level. The app provides you with many useful features, automatically saves your progress, brings you useful instructions, and so much more.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with move suggestions
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Lets you export match details to a TXT file
  • Offers you instructions


  • Unable to customize the appearance of the board
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